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Attayar Aljadeed Aviation Services Company is considered to be one of the developing and promising companies in this field, as the company has some of the finest employees,That gained and honed their experience in both the field ofAirlines and Airfreight, their former experiences formed while they were previously working with big companies such as Qatar Airways, Emirates Airlines and Local LibyanAirlines,

Attayar Aljadeed’s main key to success is our level of communication with our customers, additionally with cargo shipping in short notice while keeping our customers updated.

Our team is dedicated to ensuring efficient and timely delivery of goods, while also reducing costs and optimizing supply chain management, We believe that our expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction can greatly benefit your business.

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Our Values


We uphold the highest standards of honesty, ethics and transparency in all our actions, fostering trust and accountability among our stakeholders.


We are committed to delivering superior quality in everything we do, striving for continuous improvement, and setting high standards to achieve exceptional results.


We value teamwork cooperation, and diversity of thought, believing in the synergy of collective efforts enhances innovation, creativity, and success.


We embrace a culture of forward-thinking, creativity, and adaptability, fostering an environment where new ideas are nurtured and cultivated to drive positive change and growth.


Target Audience

Seeking reliable air transport solutions for their cargo, requiring assistance with logistics and warehousing.

Needing support inflight operation assistance, landing permits, fuel supply, and coordination with authorities for smooth operations.

Requiring assistance in coordinating passenger and cargo charter flights, including load control and station control services.

Needing Support with flight operations, liaising with various authorities, and coordination with aircraft engineer support for maintenance and repairs.

Seeking efficient and specialized air logistics solution for their specific cargo or passenger needs, including timely and reliable services.

Requiring assistance and compliance with regulations regarding aviation services, landing permit, and coordination at various airport stations.


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